It all started with a simple yet life-changing command from the Lord, one wrapped up in a charge to start a life-giving ministry in the fabric of a new city. In 2012 we did just that, and what initially seemed unthinkable had now become unquestionable as we walked on God’s Word. Leaving everything familiar, we embarked on a remarkable assignment and started Purpose Church in our great city...St Louis. These years have been the most challenging and rewarding of our lives. As we continue to expand our vision and heart to serve our city, in a few short years, God has shown favor and given us a unique voice in unusual opportunities. Lives have been changed, destiny has been launched, and eternity has been impacted. 

We are so grateful and honored to be a part of what God is doing in St. Louis. Whatever your age, story, or are welcome! We believe God connects hearts for a specific reason and we know Purpose Church can be the place for you to thrive in your relationship with Jesus. There is a place for you...join us this Sunday!